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    Mar 02, 2009
    Lightbulb Turning both graphic cards on
    I wondering, is there any way or hack to turn both graphic cards at the same time on?
    Can computer handle it?

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    Why would you even want that? That would defeat the purpose of the arrangement as it is.

    The 9400M is for battery saving and the 9600GT is for power (this is generalized). If you had both on, it would defeat the purpose of having the 9400M as you would use more battery power and your graphics output would be limited by the 9400M.
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    Mar 02, 2009
    Well in most cases my computer is connected to power source, and some times i need more graphics power, so why I cannot use two graphic cards at the same time? I paid for them both, this simply makes no sense, why one card must be always off...

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