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Thread: Upgrading an Tangerine "flavored" iBook Clamshell

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    Upgrading an Tangerine "flavored" iBook Clamshell
    I recently came into a wonderful deal online, someone was selling an iBook Clamshell in the tangerine "flavor" that was at base system with 64MB of RAM and an original 3.2 or 6 GB hard drive (haven't bothered to ask and it was not listed). The battery was just replaced, so it has a wonderful charge, an airport card, and the casing is almost perfect shape outside and flawless in. All this for $75 dollars and $14 for shipping.

    The system is in perfect running shape and is running the factory default version of Mac OS 9. I would like to upgrade it eventually and get to work as soon as it arrives.

    With the system in the working state it is in now, what version of Mac OS X would be recommended to upgrade this machine to and what would be the most cost efficient memory upgrade to purchase and where, and also what steps would I need to go through to prepare it to upgrade, starting with firmware upgrades and such>

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    I purchased an iBook Clamshell a few months ago for $ shipping!

    As far as your Clamshell:

    - I would max out the ram by installing a single 512meg stick of memory, and purchase it from these guys:

    512MB PC100 CL2 2-2-2 LowProfile 1.25 inch(non... (TPW512I) at OWC

    - I've heard that upgrading the hard drive can be a bit difficult on these, so unless you must, I would skip the HD upgrade.

    - As far as which version of Mac OS...I have Mac OS 10.4 on my Clamshell & it seems to be running ok...but 10.3 was on it when I bought it, and it ran pretty good with it as well.

    Regardless of what you do to upgrade will still be a bit slow...especially when surfing the internet on webpages with a lot of video & graphics content. Don't even think about going to U-Tube!!!

    Good luck,

    - Nick

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