I was just having coffee with a dear friend who is a Passionate Mac Fan. He is a graphic artist and his Mac(s) have always been core to his business and livelihood. Trouble is, he seems to have terrible luck with hardware problems.

His latest trouble I can't go into details, but the mac book is just out of warranty and the equivalent to the mother board is toast. So apple says replace it - but is not going to do anything about it.

He also has a mac book pro which had serious disk issues and thanks to having apple care, they replaced it free - but only after several re-visits.

I've got a powerbook g4 and mac book pro and never had any trouble. I'm sure many of us loyal fans have had great experiences with Apple.

The tragedy is this fellow is always raving about his mac and how much better mac is than pc. I'd say he has converted dozens to Apple. But yet he gets treated so poorly. mate you didn't buy the apple care - bad luck. Apple care or not, a notebook should last more than 18 months. When you've sold someone a lemon, you should make good.

Has anyone else been in this situation and gotten proper resolution? (In Australia)? Would love to hear from you.