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    Buying from eBay and Apple store
    Hey all, I'm going to be getting a MacBook Pro 15.4" 2.8 ghz 4g 500gb. Found one brand new on eBay for a really good price. Seller does state that it is new and in a sealed box. My question is: If I do get this from eBay will the Apple Store honor the standard warranty? Until, I can purchase the apple care. Can I make appointments at the genius bar? See, I'm coming over to the dark side after having a really unpleasent experience with HP/ windows vista (it's a long, drawn out story. remind me to share it with y'all sometime). I have all my music on my iTouch and I wanted the geniuses to transfer my music from my iTouch to my new MacBook. Can they do that?
    All help requested from you awesome Mac owners.

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    Yes the Apple warranty is fine if you buy it on e-Bay.

    In fact if you were to buy a used Apple computer that still has warranty on it...that transfers to you as the new owner as well.

    Just be careful buying on e-Bay. I've known some folks to "stretch" the honesty of the statement "new, in a sealed box".

    A "sealed box"...could mean...the dude opened the box, played with the computer a bit, put the computer back in the box, and sealed it with his own tape!

    Technically that's a "sealed box"!

    - Nick

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