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    A new Mac - to GT or not?
    So basically I'm in the market for a new Macbook Pro.

    I initially intended to go for a 13" version thus there was no choice between having the GT.

    Then i read this other on another forum,

    However Snow Leopard will add Grand Central, which is essentially a framework that will make it very easy for developers to use all sorts of chips, mainly the graphic cards, to help in CPU tasks. This is probably one of the main reasons why the new MBP 15"/17" come with both an integrated and a dedicated graphic chip. I think we will quickly see audio and many other processor intensive apps making use of this. Expect that within 1 year most OS X apps will have been released with Snow Leopard optimized versions.
    So in your opinions would it be worth the investment in a 15" with the dedicated graphic chip for future compatibility? Does it justify the extra cost?

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    While the 9400m is an integrated part in so much that it shares memory with the system, it is a respectable GPU in its own right and has quite a bit of processing power. I wouldn't sweat the discrete 9600m solution unless you intend to do heavy gaming or 3D rendering.
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