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    Hard drive cycles audibly while sleeping
    I dropped my 17" Macbook Pro and everything seems fine except now when sleeping I can hear the hard drive shuttle every 5 seconds or so and it's using battery power like it's not sleeping. I did the power control reset deal to no avail. (Off, battery out, power button for 10 seconds, restart). Any ideas?

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    Well, I believe your Mac's Hard Drive has slipped. It is very important that you take your mac to an apple store to get it checked out and if necessary repaired.

    However, as you dropped it they will count it as accidental damage and you will need to pay. On the other hand, if you don't get it checked, the hard disk should/will begin to scratch and soon become un-useable.

    Apple always repairs their items well, so do get it checked out, and it is worth every penny =]

    Hope I Help!

    Bendy Straw
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