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Thread: won't power up

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    won't power up
    So this morning I powered up my G3 Ibook and it worked fine but about 10 minutes later whilst I was away from it at the other side of the room I heard a fairly loud cracking/clicking noise and it just turned itself off and since then I've not been able to turn it on.

    Now ever since I've started using it again, the battery has not worked, doesn't show any power lights and I've heard that this can affect the ibook running off the mains or something, somehow. Due to the battery always being a resident of Dodge city, I've no way of telling whether the battery blew up or something or if the logic board has gone kaput

    Any advice?

    Thanks in advance

    Edit, the fact that I can't hear a fan noise or anything to me suggests there's no power to the unit at all, if the logic board went kaput would the fan start up, hard drive disk spin etc momentarily ?

    Also, I've possibly made a faux pas but the reason it doesn't power up may well be down to the fact that I bought and use a power adapter from some far flung part of Asia as I lost the original, I suppose I could've blown that. .

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    It's possible the power adapter died. Sounds like that may have been what happened when you heard the crackling noise. Unfortunately, not all power adapters are of good quality.

    First thing to do is try another power adapter. If that doesn't work, we can go from there. Hopefully the input power control source of your iBook hasn't been damaged.


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    The official adapter turned up today, plugged her in and she ran a treat.

    Thanks for your help Chscag

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