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    Small CD incident!
    While uploading songs from CDs into my Itunes, I (without thinking) placed a "small" CD in the CD slot of my macbook. Frantically, I used another CD to push it around and eventually when I pressed the eject button I saw the tip of the CD and was able to pull it out. I've found plenty of threads about how to get a small CD out of the slot, but my question is: having put a small CD in the slot, will there be damages to my macbook? I did not restart the computer, but rather put a new CD to see what happened. Luckily, it worked! My itunes recognized the CD and it's information and everything seems to be working well. Still, I'm a little paranoid that something may happen later as a result of this incident...any thoughts? Thanks!

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    Shouldn't be any damage as long as you got it out.
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