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    turn on but nothing on screen and nothing lights up
    My macbook wont boot up.

    When i try and turn it on i hear the fans turn on and i hear the little bleep of the macbook turning on but nothing comes on the screen and none of the lights come on (apple on back, or little light on front)

    Does anyone know what might be wrong? I've heard a lot about the logic board being bad.

    Does this seem to be the logic board? or something else?


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    Is it plugged into the wall? Could be low battery. Happened to me last week and freaked me out for a few seconds until I remembered the battery was getting dangerously low the night before and I didn't bother to charge it. Plugged it in, waited a couple of minutes and she came right to life. (-:

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    Hahaha nah its plugged in and the battery is fully charged, I bought it off of ebay for parts for my other macbook but i i was just seein if i could get it to work before i tear it apart hahah

    is there a way to tell if the logic board is bad when i take the top case off? Some kind of test?


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    Bumppp anyone? any ideas?

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    It's unlikely the logic board - far more likely just a bad inverter module or CCFL backlight. Connect the machine to an external monitor and see if you get video. If so, you've just confirmed a good logic board.

    Things to check/replace:

    1. Make sure the LCD flex cable is attached and fully seated at both ends.
    2. Make sure the inverter power cable is attached and fully seated.
    3. Hold a bright light to the Apple logo at the back of the screen. With the light still shining through, see if you can make out any picture elements with the machine on. If so, the backlight is definitely out.
    4. Replace the inverter module (this must be matched to your specific LCD part number)
    5. Replace the CCFL tube. This might be more trouble than it's worth, so you might just replace the entire LCD panel.
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