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    Macbook Pro keyboard Not Working
    Hello, a few days ago I just bought the new 13 inch Macbook Pro. However, at the time the keyboard worked, until I used Migration Assistant and transferred all my data from my old 13 inch plastic Macbook over the network. Now, my mouse works on my macbook, but not my keyboard, so I need to plug an external keyboard to make it work. It also freezes my whole mac if I try typing something into the URL bar on Safari using the internal keyboard. Anyone know what's going on? I can type in my password at login, but when signed in, it stops working. I've also tried resetting my PRAM, no luck. Help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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    i think a best bet for you would be to bring it back to the manufacturer's office or send it for support. you have apple care i hope? oh and even if you don't it should still be on warranty. only problem, even if you get a new mac, it'd be a refurbished one.

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