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    iBook Resolution/Screen Size Question

    I was wondering about the 1024/768 resolution on the iBooks, now I know that the 12" and the 14" will both show the same amount of space, only larger on the 14".

    However, is this comparable to say, my 17" monitor on my PC? For instance, I have the resolution of my screen set to 1024/768 at the moment, so whatever I see right now, will all of that still fit on the screen on the iBook 12"?

    I was wondering because right now this is probably the smallest I'd be wanting to go, otherwise I'd have to wear my glasses everytime I wanted to use my iBook which would actually be quite annoying because I don't usually need them at all.

    Thanks for all the help.
    If you've got a good way of simplifying it for me, go for it.

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    yes, you'd see what you see on your 17" display, just smaller. ok, heres the simplification:

    1024x764 is how many pixels wide and tall what you see on the screen is, as you've probably seen if you use photoshop, pixels can stretch, so the difference between a large and small screen is that the pixels are bigger on a bigger screen and have more info per pixel.
    imagine cutting your screen into a grid, a grid 1024 blocks wide, and 764 blocks tall, youd get more data per block in a bigger grid.
    ps. the image is to show the grid idea, its my niece, ignore where her name is, I forgot that was there.
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    I guess, besides the preview explanation, if your problem is the use of glasses you should try the screens first. The smaller the pixels are the better the quality. A 14" with 1024x768 LCD screen looks great, but a 12" with 1024x768 LCD screen looks sharper and even a bit brighter, so it is easier to read small text. Example: my father uses glasses and he finds it a bit dificult to read regular text (w/o glasses) on his Pocket PC, so he got a Sony Clie, with that machine he doesn't have difficult to read regular text (but i still don't understand why he sold it ). Translation: the pixels on the Sony Clie are smaller.
    I short, try it first with the applications you intent to use. Hope it helps

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