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    Fan running constantly
    I recently installed a WD Scorpio 320mb drive in my MacBook Pro. Since doing so my fan runs almost constantly. Once it starts running it rarely slows down...5000-6000rpms, even if you shut down all programs and don't touch it. The Scorpio runs at 7200rpm instead of 5400...maybe that's the problem. I'm about to remove the drive and purchase a 5400rpm drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Don't know what the issue is, but the drive itself has nothing to do with the fans going full blast all the time.

    There are plenty of us that have that drive in their MBP without issue, myself included. I'd be looking elsewhere.
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    make sure all the sensors are connected. Apple just replaced my optical drive in my iMac and forgot to connect a wire. the fan ran on full, until i went back and had the sensor reconnected.

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