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    Question About The Condition of My Macbook
    So here is my situation. I was downloading some music and on the Internet at the same time. After I download music, StuffIt Expander opens up and it loads the music onto my laptop.

    Today, however, was a little different. As usual, StuffIt Expander was loading the music onto my laptop after it finished downloading, but this time around, StuffIt Expander was lagging a bit and it took a while to finish. Before finishing, the whole laptop seemed to slow down and everything was lagging.

    Everything was lagging. Even trying to minimize the Internet window was impossible as well as opening up a word file. The cursor then changed into the round ball of rainbow and it just kept spinning. Nothing froze because I could still move around the cursor.

    Another thing to note is that the fan on my hard drive began to spin faster making the laptop feel hot, not the whole laptop. So I then used a coin and turned the lock to the battery of my Macbook, took out the battery with the power cord still connected. My laptop recognized I took out the battery and made the sound it makes as if I had turned on my laptop and it was now running off of the power cord, but my laptop was still lagging.

    I took out the power cord, and the computer turned off. Then I connected everything again and went back onto the Internet without having a few files of music downloading and now my Macbook is running the way it usually does.

    I'm guessing the reason why my Macbook was lagging was because of the 5 music files I was downloading at the same time. Causing my hard drive to work harder. I also forgot to mention that a warning window popped up saying something about continuing some sort of script. I'm not sure if it was for my music file or for something else on my Macbook.

    Anyways, I was wondering if taking out the battery on my Macbook, while it was on and then disconnecting the power cord, turning off my Macbook, caused any possible damage to my Macbook? Also, I was wondering if it was downloading the many music files at the same time, that could have been the reason why my laptop was lagging?

    My Macbook is working fine now, as it usually does, no problems; but I'm just curious if I have anything worry about or if my laptop is just fine and that there are no problems. Thanks and sorry for the long *** explanation.

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    Taking a battery out of a computer while it is on is a risk to yourself but it shouldn't theoretically damage your MB (although I do suggest turning it off before you do it next time.)

    Perhaps the music files were corrupt?

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    ^ Well, what I meant was that I actually took out my battery from my Macbook while the power or AC cord was connected. I've read that as long as your Macbook is plugged to the AC or power cord, it will be fine.

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    The situation you were originally describing is normal. Different files of different sizes etc will require more power/CPU to process than others. That particular file you were extracting simply utilized more CPU than other files you had previously extracted.

    The fans came on because, as the CPU was doing more work, more cooling was required.

    All normal operations/behavior.

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