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Thread: Start up issue

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    Start up issue
    Hi all: Last night, my computer was working great. This morning, I go to boot it up and it starts up fine, but then the screen goes dark about a minute or so into the process. I can't tell if it's continuing the booting up process or not. I have tried re-starting it and the same thing happens repeatedly. I also tried booting it up with the OS X disk, but then the computer wants to install OSX. Any thoughts? I'm leaving the country in a few days and desperately need help! Thanks

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    Try booting it again with your OS X install disk. Just don't allow it to install OS X but instead run the Apple Hardware Test on your machine. See the following Apple KB article: Link


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    When the screen goes 'dark' as you say, can you make out the outlines of the OS/Desktop?

    I had this issue for awhile with my 17 inch MBP and resetting the PRAM seemed to fix it.

    Resetting your Mac's PRAM and NVRAM

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