hey folks, wondering if anyone has some insight here. my problem:

aluminum g4 powerbook. 1.25ghz. originally on osx 10.4.11. now on 10.5.7. ive got 2 sticks of 1gb ram.

problem: if i initially seat one ram in the upper seat, i can get recognition from comp. then, if i shift it to lower, i get recognition from comp. however, if i seat BOTH, or i start with the LOWER, i get NO recognition from comp.

after seating one upper, then moving to lower, then adding one in upper, and restarting twice, i got the comp to boot, but it only recognized ONE ram, even though both were seated.

i had previously done tests one each ram, and found them both to work properly, so im still assuming as such.

any thoughts? thanks for the help.

possible fix? thanks guys.