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    New Macbook Pro Second Monitor Problem
    Ok so I am having a little problem. I upgraded to the new macbook pro from the original white macbook and am running to an issue with connecting my LCD tv. with my old macbook i connected my 32" Toshiba LCD with a mini div to dvi adapter and a dvi to hdmi going from the adapter to the tv. with that set up i never had any problems the settings always automatically adjusted and to put it simple just worked. with the new mac i tried running that same setup mini video to dvi then the dvi to hdmi from the pro to the tv but could never get the screen to fit right. i then tried to use a mini video to vga and vga cable from the pro to the TV. I am able to get the screen to fit but there is still a problem. the screen will break into squares occasionally get pixelated. I need some help as to what could be causing this or if there is a better setup i could be running.


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    Thanks for the reply.

    Unfortunately it was already up to date and I'm still having the problem. It's in the upper right hand corner of the LCD a rectangle gets sorted of shaped out and cuts off. I don't know if its my TV or the adapter or what because i never had this problem with my old Macbook. Its frustrating!

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    Hi, I'm having a similiar problem with trying to use an extended/second monitor.

    The firmware update says it's for OS X 10.5.6 and I'm on an older Macbook running 10.4.11 so I don't think that can help me.

    Anyway, here's what's going on. I'm trying to connect my Macbook to a Hyundai Imagequest L90D+ LCD monitor. The connection is VGA from the monitor to the VGA-to-Mini-DVI adapter to the Macbook. I know the hookup is fine because I tried this same setup with my ancient CRT monitor and it worked great (naturally...). When I connect it here I get what looks like moving horizontal lines all over the screen. I went out earlier for a while and came home and tried it again and the picture was clear for about 2 minutes but then the lines came back. Just now I turned it off for 5 minutes and same thing pretty much except the lines came back much faster.

    If I turn the monitor on without being hooked up, there's a blue screen and a "no signal" message the moves around but no lines (in other words, everything looks fine with the monitor picture itself).

    Any ideas, any fixes? Thanks in advance!

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