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Thread: File Transfer with broken MBP?

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    File Transfer with broken MBP?
    I have an MBP, that I need to send off to get repaired. There are some files on there that I have stupidly not backed up, that I will need before sending it off, and can transfer them to the iMac that I'm sat at now. If I get a fire wire and plug them in, will I be able to do File Transfer? The MBP won't switch on properly, but the drives and fans do run when I push the power on.


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    As long as the broken MBP will power up the hard drive, you should be able to transfer the data you need from it by using your good iMac to boot up in Target Mode.

    See the following Apple KB article: Link

    If that doesn't work, you'll have to remove the hard drive from your broken MBP and place it in an external carrier which you can attach to your iMac. File transfer can be accomplished that way.


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