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    Jul 23, 2009
    MBP 13" Trackpad Problem
    Hi all,

    First post so go easy on me!!

    I have a MBP 13" and its been fine over the last couple of weeks until now.

    Shut down this morning, as i always do, and switched back on this evening and for some reason the track pad has kinda lost its sensitivity around the middle area where its most used to scroll etc.

    If i try and move around a webpage, it skips and jumps all over the place and its very difficult to click anything!!

    Is this something i should take to a genius bar and let them hae a look, or are there any settings i should check other than trackpad in system preferences.

    Als, for some reason safari increases the font size on web pages and wont let me reduce them!!!!!

    All software up to date etc and running the latest OS.

    Any tips much appreciated!!


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    Jul 27, 2009
    hey Jason,

    your problems sound familiar, i just posted this on apple's support forum
    Apple - Support - Discussions - MacBook Pro 2009 Trackpad Issues ...

    below is a copy of that, i hope it helps for you:

    I also had problems with my trackpad. Then I read this
    Portables: Jumpy or Erratic Trackpad Operation

    I cleaned my trackpad and my sweaty finger (which probably got extra sweaty when I started to think that my trackpad had just died), and I unplugged my (original Apple) power adapter. Then the problem was gone. I expect that unplugging the power adapter actually solved the issue.

    I further noticed that my laptop was fully charged (the LED in the power connector colored green), so maybe the trackpad problems started when the battery charging process completed (led going from orange to green), but this is just speculating.

    Anyway, it could have been a 'noisy' AC power connection here in the public library that caused the problem, but I am definitely going to keep an eye on my trackpad while using it at home.

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    Jul 23, 2009
    Thanks for the reply.

    To be honest, i completely forgot!!

    It turns out, that when i posted the OP i was at a friends house.

    As the battery was low, i borrowed his charger from his white MB which is around 2 years old.

    So, plugged in and ready to go and i had the problem.

    Anyhoo, when i got home i powered up and used it again and it was fine!!!!

    When i visited again a few days later, i did the same and plugged in using his power adapter.

    Problem returned.

    I said to him, "it must be your dodgy electrics in your house!" ).

    whilst saying this i pulled out the mains power and it worked perfect.

    Turns out he has a faulty power supply, although strangely, works ok on his white MB.

    Go figure!!!

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    Feb 12, 2010
    I had a similar problem and guess what, my MacBook Pro 13 was connect to a MacBook charger.

    As soon as i took it out, the trackpad started functioning well again. This only happens with the previous MacBook charger version, not the new 2009 one.

    Thanks, your post helped me solve my problem and i hope this helps other future viewers!

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    Jul 10, 2010
    Trackpad not working
    I have a 3 year old 13" Macbook. Yesterday, without warning the 'click' strip on the trackpad stopped working. I searched online for a solution and found this article:
    Macbook Trackpad Not Working – Battery May Be To Blame
    In system preferences/energy saver/battery it does say that my battery needs servicing. However, in this instance I found simply removing the battery then replacing it (the same battery) solved the problem.
    Hope that helps.

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    2.8 GHz 15" MacBook Pro OS X 10.7.x & some old Macs
    Quote Originally Posted by jasons6930 View Post
    As the battery was low, i borrowed his charger from his white MB which is around 2 years old.
    Quote Originally Posted by Makanic View Post
    This only happens with the previous MacBook charger version, not the new 2009 one.
    I believe the previous generation power adapters had different wattage or something different. I couldn't find too much information on the internet about it but if the problem is repeatable then it's best not to use a power adapter that is not made for your computer.

    The current MacBooks and 13" MacBook Pros apparently use the same power adapter, but before sticking some random power adapter into your computer it's best to see if it's the same wattage.

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