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    Nov 02, 2008
    New 13" keyboard light not working
    I bought a 1 month old Macbook Pro 13" from a co-worker as he wanted the 15", got it for a good price with 4gb of memory. Being my first Macbook Pro with a lighted keybord, I can't get the darn thing to work. I have selected illuminate keyboard in system preferences, sat in a dark room for 15 minutes, tried LabTick, reset the SMC controller and still nothing. I'm starting to think it's a hardware problem.

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    Nov 02, 2008
    Seems after a bit searching I found my problem. When he upgraded the ram himself, the ribbon cable for the keyboard lights came off. It doesn't take much to pull it out. Lights are on and looking good.

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    Always nice when the problem is so easily solved!


    - Nick

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    Nice one!

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