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    A Story About A Mac
    I just wanted to fill every in on my first mac. I recommended a mac to my father 2 years ago so he bought one. I was very curious about this thing called the mac. Well after he used it for about a year he dropped it while it was on and the screen open. It cracked the bottom left of the screen. At that point he gave it to me I was shocked here I am the new owner of a basically brand new mac powerbook g4 15 inch laptop. So at first I was skeptical than I liked it than I loved it. I have had it two years it has been the best computer I have ever had. It has been dropped twice the once with my dad and than i tripped the power cord and it went down with the power on and playing music. It hit and buckled the side of it. It has been on countless adventures strapped to the back of a motorcycle. I will be buying another one or my first one and I will NOT GO BACK TO WINDOWS!!! Even thought that is what my job is "to repair computers and diagnose problems"Mac All The way! "December"

    "Today" So a few days ago I go to use my mac YES STILL WORKING LIKE A CHARM!! And the charger dose not work so, I went on amazon and ordered one of these and back to normal. The funny thing is that as much as I want to get a new one this thing is like fighting me saying I am not ready to go just give me a few more years!! It is insane. NEW AC Adapter Charger for Apple PowerBook G3/G4 A1036: Electronics

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    crazy how powerful and durable these things are!

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    Awesome story.

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    yes indeed an awesome story. I was skeptical at first and even condoned macs but now that I've owned 2 I can say in terms of laptops I am never going to purchase a windows machine again!!!!

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