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Thread: My new Nvidia White Macbooks has a defective screen

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    Jul 23, 2009
    Exclamation My new Nvidia White Macbook (and many others: see inside) have defective screens!
    Greetings Mac-Forumites!

    I've recently purchased a new Nvidia White Macbook that has severe horizontal banding all across the screen. You can find photographs of the problem here:

    New white nVidia Macbook owners: check here to see if you have a defective LCD! - Mac Forums

    I've done a little digging and apparently about half of the Macbooks currently in circulation have this problem. I based my purchasing decision after looking at a display model at the Apple Store with the good LG screen, only to end up receiving the terribly inferior Samsung screen. It's so obviously inferior, especially when you put them next to one another. I took mine into the Apple Store, put it side by side next to the LG display model and showed the Genius all the differences. The Genius and the assistant Manager both agreed that there was a serious problem with my screen that did not appear on the display model and agreed to replace the screen, but they have no way of knowing if the replacement is a good one or a bad one before they put it in.

    If you have this problem as well please post! We need to get Apple to acknowledge this problem publicly.

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    Jul 23, 2009
    My original title for this post was changed by a moderator without giving a reason. It was entitled "Warning: About half of the current Nvidia White Macbook screens are defective!" This title was entirely accurate.

    I have actually gone to about 5 different stores in my city, including 2 Apple Stores and looked at about 20 Macbooks on display and found that almost half have shown the defect I have linked to. And this is very recently, July 09.

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