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    Two questions about 12" powerbook ram
    1. How many ram slots are there? There is 256 meg built in, which you cannot remove or replace, and then there is one so-dimm slot for expansion right?

    2. Is it relatively simple to install the ram? I don't have very much experience with installing computer hardware, so if it is easy that would be nice.


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    1) Correct, 256 MB built in and one slot.

    2) Very simple, but you do need a 00 phillips head screw driver. If you have a jewelers kit or eyeglass repair kit that should do. All you have to do is power off the machine, flip it upside down, remove tha battery and 4 screws (in the middle of the bottom plate), put in the memory, and reassemble. There are clear instructions in the owners manual.

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    Ok cool, thank you very much

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