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Thread: MacBook speakers stopped working

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    MacBook speakers stopped working
    Hey, i got a white macbook, it's practically new, i've had it for a couple of months, and it had worked perfectly fine until a few days ago. I plugged in my earphones to watch a tv-show on the internet. Afterwards i put it on sleep and went off to dinner. When i got back, i unplugged the earphones and then i noticed that there was no sound coming out of it. I tried tu turn it up with the volume keys, and when the volume display appeared, the speaker symbol was gray instead of white, and there was a crossed circle symbol on the bottom of it, you know, like the "ghostbusters" symbol (without the ghost, obviously). I tried to turn it up, turn it down, nothing. It stayed put, and no sound. I only got audio when i plug the earphones, or when i turn it on, the start-up sound. Also, there is sometimes a red light coming out of the port where i plug the earphones. Can anyone tell me what's wrong with my computer?

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    The "red light" indicates that your MacBook is stuck in digital output mode. That effectively turns off the speakers. Here's a simple way to get it unstuck (thanks to bobtomay for this hint):

    Insert a toothpick into the jack and wiggle it around a bit until the red light goes out. Be careful not to break off the toothpick in the jack. If that doesn't work, take your MacBook on in to Apple and let them repair it since it's still under warranty.


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    Something that has worked for me was to plug the headphones in and out a couple of times.

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    Thanks! I hope it works because i just moved from Mexico to Germany and i have no idea where i can find an Apple store here lol... if not then i will be posting on another forum to find one!

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