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Thread: trackpad - 2 handed drag

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    Question trackpad - 2 handed drag
    i recently saw someone drag an icon using 2 hands on the trackpad but can't get it to work myself.

    they used the index finger of their left hand to touch onto the icon and left it on the trackpad then used the index finger of their right hand to drag the icon to a new position.
    (this is using tap to click not pressing the button)

    this might not exist and could very well be me just rambling


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    They just used a two-finger drag using two hands. Most people probably use the index and middle fingers of one hand to drag icons, but the two fingers you use don't HAVE to be on the same hand. All that matters is that one finger holds the Trackpad down while the other drags. If they were using one one of the new buttonless trackpads, it would seem that they weren't using a button in conjunction with this gesture, but that's because the whole thing is a big button.

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