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    To Buy A Screen or Not to Buy A Screen
    Ok I know that was a really cliche title, but I had a long day at work and couldn't come up with anything more creative. First of all I am new to the mac-forum community. I have read plenty of posts on this site, but up until now I haven't been a member. Now to the problem of the hour. It was maybe 4 months ago I was guilty of one of the 7 deadly sins. I spilled water on my MacBook. She was very upset with me, and shut off immediately. I dried everything out, and miraculously she started up again 4 days later. She worked perfectly, and my whole life was again in order. Several months went by and I guess she couldn't get over that I hurt her like that, and she started turning really negative. Literally the screen colors inverted, and it was not a faulty user setting the colors just seemed to go out. I sent her back home (to the Apple Repair Center) to let her have some time by herself. A couple of days later Apple called me with the bad news. She would be negative forever. The water spill soaked the whole motherboard, and they told me that it ruined the graphics card. They also made it seem like it ruined every component as well. They returned her and said it would be cheaper just to get a new one. I forgot to mention I'm a poor college student and getting a new MacBook is just not in the budget. Either way about a week or so after she was back, she turned from negative to a bunch of lines. The whole screen is currently a mess of random up and down lines. I bought a external monitor adaptor off eBay for 8 dollars and hooked her up to an old monitor which is how I can currently see how I'm typing. Everything works on the computer perfectly except for the completely distorted screen. Now here's the question of the hour, if I bought a new lcd screen would that fix the problem. I feel like it would because the video output is perfectly fine on the external monitor. But I don't want to waste 200 dollars on a screen (I am a poor college student as I have mentioned) and find out it doesn't work because the people from Apple said the the video card is messed up. I would really appreciate your input and sorry this message turned out to be an epic novel.

    - Paul

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    sorry but its late and i cannt read all of what you wrote, am thinking about buying a new lcd for my mac too, i saw a few on ebay that am thinking about buying soon if i cannt clean the inside of my screen.

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    I think the simple thing is, if it's messed up, it's messed up. Your best just saving up and buying a whole new MacBook, easier than forking out on a monitor only to find it won't work after a month, all-be-it cheaper that way.

    Can't you try getting a student loan/grant? Maybe that could help towards a nice shiny new MacBook?
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    To the OP:

    Buying a new display and installing it yourself (if you have the skills) could be risky. It does appear that your MacBook is operating somewhat normally except for the built in display. The choice is yours.

    Make sure you have a good idea of how to change out the display yourself before attempting it or even purchasing one. I suggest you go to the ifixit web site and look up their step by step instructions for changing the display and judge for yourself if you are capable.

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    Hey, I actually have a similar problem. My screen got wet and thats all, not sure if that's where the graphic card is located. Anyways, just wanted to find out what you eventually did and if it came right.


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    IMO. If it works with your current external display, then it should work with a new one too. Right?

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