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Thread: usb speaker question

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    Jul 21, 2009
    usb speaker question
    so recently i got the tip of my headphones stuck in the audio jack of my macbook . now there is no sound coming out of the built in speakers, i have no warranty and the cost to fix this is extremely expensive. now here is my question. if i was to buy portable usb speakers. powered by usb will the sound come out of the speakers or will the tip of the headphones still disable the sound? any helping comments is appreciated

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    Unless you remove that headphone tip, all speakers will be disabled. Have you Googled for answers to the problem? I've read posts where folks have been able to remove a broken headphone tip using some ingenious methods.


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    Jul 21, 2009
    the tip of the headphones are stuck in there for good. so you are sure that if i buy speakers they wouldnt work because of the tip of the headphones?

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    It won't work, don't even try buying somehting until you know for sure you got the one unstuck. Everyone says "it's stuck in there for good", then they say they got it out.

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