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    Hello fellow Mac users,

    There is a whole story leading up to my question… If you can answer ANY of these, it would greatly be appreciated! I am at ends with my Machine…

    I recently converted myself to Mac last year in September. For my major, I am told Macs are the best for Graphics Design. So, We put up the money and bought one. But… that was just the start…

    The first two weeks went ok, until a key popped off. I thought it would pop back on, but no- it was broken. Brought it to the Apple store and they gave me a new key.

    All went well for about… six months. I noticed it was starting to overheat and a weird dent pushing outwards from the sleeper light on the front of the mac appeared.

    So about one month later, I was transferring files over and backup up my data on an external hard drive, when my Mac decided to shut down and not start up. It completely locked itself up. It wouldn’t boot, nothing.

    Now I know many people who have Macs, and never have they experienced this before. So, My Dad sat there for three days just trying to recover my important files from my hard drive. Firewire wouldn’t work, my machine brought his machine on lock as well. He tried FSUK, no luck… eventually, he loaded the Mac OS on an external, an booted from there. This didn’t work at first, until we typed in the main directory on the internet browser. From there, I was able to transfer my most important files. I also noticed, while trying to save my programs as well, My Mac corrupted many of my DMG files, and my programs would now, no longer work. After that, my External became unreadable and had to be reformatted and blown away. My Iphone also started acting up, not holding a charge.

    So, we then tried to reload the OS on it. It wouldn’t see the disks. So, we did what we could- bring it to Best Buy where we bought it. The guy looked at it, amused by the odd dent that was popping out. Said it sort of looked like a defect.

    Then I got a loaner mac which worked like a Charm. Reason being, I was in California for a graphic design competition and rely HEAVILY on my Mac.

    About three weeks later, I get mine back. Not the way it was though. The screen wouldn’t close right (still don’t) and there were gouges underneath. They claimed the dent is “cosmetic”. They said It was a corrupted hard drive. “It isn’t even a year old! Why would this happen?” I ask the guy at Best Buy. He says to us; “1 out of ever 350 PC’s are a defect when they leave the factory. 1 out of every 1000 macs are a defect when they leave as well. Yours could be one of them…”

    So, I have been putting up with my Mac ever since. That was about a month ago. Now, I am experiencing problems as in the headphone jack is lighting up red and volume wont work (My dad reset something and its working now) I was online yesterday and I noticed my computer started typing in a foreign language. I also noticed, only on my computer, when I send emails out they are in foreign languages or show up as blank squares. Many of my clients claim they never received the emails, or it is unreadable.

    So, tonight, which leads up to my main point of all these issues, I was doing my graphics on my Mac when I noticed within seriously, a half hour, grey lines going across my screen. Its disruptive and throwing all my color coordination’s off. I am on a hault here.

    I am posting a picture of what it looks like. I tried different lightings, brightness, everything, and it wont go away.

    I do not know why all this is happening to me. I treat my Mac very well, it goes everywhere with me. I spend hundreds of dollars on top of the line cases and protection, never have dropped it, never have done anything to it to even make it act up. Never spilled water, nothing… its always in a case when it is not being used. Heck, I even have a Speck case on it.

    I am just at a stand still. I have no idea what to do. We have tried endless times to call Apple up, and they won’t do anything for us. Same with Best Buy. I rely so much on this computer, and have to live with the fear of it corrupting my files or even dying again on me.

    Please… any help, anything at all… I am just a college student; I am no professional at computers. I am just a designer.

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    Since it's been less than a year and your computer is still covered by AppleCare, I'd take take it back and get a new one. If you list all the problems and hassles you've been having, they should exchange it for a totally new one if you ask them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oneironaut View Post
    Since it's been less than a year and your computer is still covered by AppleCare, I'd take take it back and get a new one. If you list all the problems and hassles you've been having, they should exchange it for a totally new one if you ask them.
    Take it back - warranties exist for this sort of thing.

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    Take in to a certified Apple technician and get them to raise the issue with Apple. I would be very surprised if Best Buy were certified and probably are Best avoided.

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    I tried to take it back, They wouldn't let me...

    They claimed there is nothing they can do. We have tried countless times, trust me.

    To best buy, that is... they said that we had to thru them because it was their warrantee or something?

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    The warranty is with Apple.

    Phone the support line and tell them everything that has happend including the damage done when taken for repair, they will sort it for you no problem.

    Or take it to an Apple store if you have one close by.

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    We have tried to call Apple multiple times in the past, especially about the damage when we got it back, and they said it is all cosmetic and we would have to pay regardless of our warrantee...

    I just want to go there with someone in person... Im so sick of always running around in circles with this thing.

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    My own suggestion is go the a apple store physically. Calling is not the same. I have found its much more difficult to push u off face to face. Also if the first person can't help escalate it to a manager, or their manager etc. I would also bring in documented history of the problems showing how you have had so many problems and make clear you demands going in.

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