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Thread: Which AC Adapter do I need?

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    Which AC Adapter do I need?
    I have an Apple A1106 notebook. The previous owner left it with me after purchasing new Mac and having me migrate his data. But he didn't leave the AC adapter with me.

    The research I did made me think I needed an A1021 65w adapter. However, when I search eBay it seems like some of the A1021's work with my machine, others don't. I'm only going by their included compatibility lists. It seems like there is a difference between A1021 adapters?

    I then found this on Apple's site:
    PowerPC-Based Apple Portables: Identifying the right power adapter and power cord--US

    And it indicates that I need a 661-3746. But I'm left wondering whether the 661-3346 and 661-3746 are both A.K.A. (Also Known As) the A1021? When I search eBay for "661-3746" very few listings appear. It seems the listers all kinda use that A1021 number instead.

    Furthermore, in searching for 65w A1021 adapters, I see a lot of people are displeased with them. They don't seem to last long. So I search Amazon for aftermarket version and found more complaints about longevity on those.

    What would you guys order for an A1106 notebook? Something that is compatible, doesn't break within three months, and won't break the bank.

    Thanks in advance.

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    $35 - One yr warranty - can't ask for much more

    Other World Computing 65W AC Power Adapter Po... (ACADPTG4) at OWC
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobtomay View Post
    $35 - One yr warranty - can't ask for much more

    Other World Computing 65W AC Power Adapter Po... (ACADPTG4) at OWC
    That one looks eerily similar to eBay/Amazon units selling for $15-$20 w/ free shipping. If I knew for sure that the OWC one was of higher quality I'd have ordered one. Too bad OWC doesn't allow users to post reviews on their product pages.

    In any event, I found a new OEM Apple unit that I think is right, for $39 shipped from Madison, and I'm in Milwaukee (so hopefully I'll have it tomorrow--fingers crossed).

    Mind you, it isn't any more highly rated than the other brands out there. It doesn't make sense, but, seeing as they all have fairly negative comments at the various online stores, I may as well take the OEM unit.

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    do you know what's the weight of the genuine 65W A1021 power adapter without the plug?


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