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    1TB OR 2TB hardrive upgrade.
    I am just curious if anyone has attempted to upgrade their hard drive on the mac book pro from the 500gig to a 1 or 2tb and if so have you noticed any battery loss or decrease in performance on the machine? and also and recommendations on a upgrade as far as a brand or specific model?

    Any advice is much appreciated!
    Thank you kindly,

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    No, no one has attempted to upgrade to a 1 or 2TB drive in their Macbook Pro.

    Your MBP uses a notebook drive which is 2.5" in size. At this time the largest 2.5" hard drive is 500GB. If you have a 500GB drive, then you currently have the largest drive capacity available. All drives of larger storage capacity than that (at this time) are desktop drives which are 3.5" in size and will not fit in your notebook.
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    You could get the 1TB SSD that's due out this quarter. Of course it will cost an enormous amount of money. I recommend you just get an additional 500GB USB hard drive, like the WD Passport - should set you back a little over $100.

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    How much stuff do you store on the laptop that you need more then 500GB?

    I have a 1TB external hooked up to the laptop when it is at home.

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