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    Macbook restarts randomly
    Hi everyone,

    I'm having problems with my Macbook. I bought it in March or April 2008. It runs the newest version of Leopard.

    Over the last two weeks, it restarts randomly during use. I will be using my computer and suddenly the screen will turn off and the computer as well. Then it'll start up again. Sometimes it does this twice in a row, -5-10 minutes apart. Once, it had to try 2 times before it rebooted. As well, I first noticed a problem because it would shut off when I put it in sleep mode but it has recently gotten worse. It happens at least once a day...

    Thanks for any ideas you might have!

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    Try this see if it helps

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    I did try that and no luck. I have also reset the PRAM and NVRAM. Those were the useless troubleshooting tips I got from Apple. When I called Powerland Computers, they said it might be either a hard drive issue or that it was overheating.

    Dunno... Maybe I should sell it and have someone else worry about it?? I could make 700-1,000 off of it.

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