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Thread: "Not charging" message

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    "Not charging" message
    I've had my MBP for only six weeks now and today, all of a sudden, I've noticed a "Not Charging" message. When I click on the message, the drop-down menu shows 4%. The system profiler shows the battery is "good", with 108.49 v but 0 ma current and not charging. The power cable has the green light glowing. The cable has been in place on my desk for the last couple of weeks, so it has not had a chance to be damaged. I would believe it's the power cable, except that I had purchased a cable to keep in my computer bag so the one on the desk could stay in place and the same thing is happening with the computer hooked up to IT. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any suggestions?

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    Simple Fix!
    This is what I did (for anyone else with a similar problem). Powered it off, unplugged it, removed the battery and reinserted the same battery, plugged it back in, powered it back up, and's charging again. After I posted, I remembered accidentally pressing on the latch on the underside when I picked up the computer earlier in the day; although I didn't open the battery compartment door, it probably loosened up the battery just enough to not make contact. (Apple probably should redesign the latch, because it's way too easy to press accidentally.) It'd be nice if all fixes were so easy!

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    Good idea to do this and bookmark this in case u need it later.

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    Good suggestions
    I already did the first; I will bookmark the second as you suggest, "just in case". Thanks!

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