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Thread: Hard Drive Space Disappeared ?!?!

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    Question Hard Drive Space Disappeared ?!?!
    Hi all !
    It's very strange to me ...
    Just bought a new Macbook Pro Alum 250Gb HD a couple weeks ago.

    I transferred all my mp3's and pictures and some files.... For a total of approx 110Gb and yesterday I was unpacking a file and I got a message that I was running out of space.

    I was unpacking it in my home folder, so I transferred right on the HD and realized that it says I only have 2Gb left on my HD ?!?!? I checked ALL the folder with Get Info in Finder and I should have more than 125GB free but the finder say only 2....

    If I do GET INFO on the Hard-Drive I have
    Capacity: 232,57 GB
    Available: 2,02 GB
    Used: 230.54 GB on disk (There is no way it's possible....)

    Thanks for help me with that...


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    Have you got Keep my library organised selected in iTunes preferences. You may have duplicates of all your media files.

    For example, itunes keeps its media in Users > Yourname > Music > iTunes

    Like wise, iPhoto will copy duplicates of your files in to Users > Yourname > Pictures.

    If that is the case, I would find out if iTunes has copies dupes in to the location stated above, if it has you can delete any other files you have copied over.

    Likewise with iPhoto, unless like me you like more control over where your pictures are installed, in which case delete the iphoto library and use something else to manage your photos, I myself prefer Google's Picasa over iPhoto
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    Thank You so much.... here is the problem. I tune duplicated all my mp3's in librairy. This forum saved my life couple times now ù11 Thanks To all

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