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    Charger is not charging!
    My charger is plugged in and it says (Not Charging) on the top of my screen. The light on my charger is glowing green, although it is NOT fully charged at all. Also, when I unplug my charger, my computer turns off (or goes to sleep). This is really frustrating since my computer is only about a year old. One thing that I think might have fried my battery is that I put a MacBook Pro charger into my computer and the charger had twice as many wattages as my charger. I have a 2008 MacBook.

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    The MacBook Pro charger unit is rated at 85W while the MacBook one is 60W. It's possible you may have damaged the charging circuit in your MacBook, however, it's more likely the battery itself is defective. Even if your MacBook is covered by Apple care, the battery is not. It's considered a consumable item. If you do have Apple care, you might give it a go and see if Apple will replace the battery for free. If not, you're probably going to need to purchase a new one.


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    You can probably get it done for free from Geek Squad. They're pretty nice like that.

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