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    Question about Ibook's and eyeTV.
    I was wondering if anyone ran an eyeTV hybrid off of an IBook like these (

    I am thinking of buying an ibook and an eyeTV and using this as a dedicated "dvr" set-up (using my external drive to hold the shows.

    Anybody use an Ibook for this?

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    Jul 19, 2009
    I use an eyeTV Hybrid with my iBook (1.2ghz, 1.2gb ram, Leopard) and it works very well. I can pick up all analogue and digital channels in the UK with the little ariel supplied. It's also possible to record, pause and rewind TV, but you will need a big hdd for that. It only becomes a little jerky if you are running something else in the background. The picture is generally brilliant. You can also record from VHS. I've also tried to use it with a playstation 2, which works, but has annoying latency. I got mine for about 85 from the Apple store about 2-3 years ago, well worth it.

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