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    headphone problems....
    hi all,

    sorry i have not posted much but i have not found the need until now...

    i am a keen music fan and has experienced problems with a couple of pairs of headphones in the past listening to music with them on the macbook air, it seems the music only comes out of 1 ear bud. the pair i were using are a bit old, so i bought some new ones, same problem...any ideas?

    P.s i checked the fader and its central

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    Well, let's see. If you can check the manufacturers website, there may be some drivers available for your headphones. This is unlikely but possible.

    If that doesn't work, I can't really think of much else, besides maybe you bought two pairs of defective headphones?

    I wouldn't recommend using ear buds, are these the ones that go into the little circular jack on your MBA?

    I would definitely buy a USB headset.

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