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    Macbook slowdown
    Hello Everybody,

    I bought a Macbook that is about 4 months old. It is the hi end Macbook Aluminum Unibody Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4, 250GB HD, 2GB Merory.

    Now i rememeber when i had it for a couple of weeks i made a comparison between my Macbook and a friend's Macbook Pro which is the old model (C2D 2.4, 2GB Memory, 200GB HD). The difference is that mine has the bus speed 1,066 and DDR3 Memory, so when we booted them up at the same time mine was a bit faster, even lauching any program mine was like a couple of seconds faster.

    Now i have noticed lateley that the start up takes more time and we made the comparison again, his macbook pro now is like 2 seconds faster than mine.

    We have almost the same things in our laptops: adobe suit, movies, music, they have the same leopard update, both of them have about 100GB used of the HD. They just deffer in a couple of softwares.

    Even though i upgraded to 4GB memory mine is falling behind starting up.

    Shouldnt my macbook be faster than an old Macbook Pro?

    NOTE: i dont know if this is important but the 4GB memory i upgraded was from a Macbook Pro DDR3, same thing of my 2GB DDR3, 1,066 PC3-8500.

    I called an authorized dealer and they told me it was ok to use that memory, because it is the same. I think the memory is working fine.

    Please let me know if that's ok.

    I just think it shouldnt be slower than a one-year-old Macbook Pro.

    Thanks in advance

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