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    New Speck cases!
    Being the dork that I am, I have been checking Specks website everyday because they had been promising a new model of their see thru and see thru satin covers to fit the macbook pro's that came out in June. Well they finally have them in stock! yay! I'm ordering one as soon as I get my macbook pro! I just hope they have them in stock on apples website before that because speck charges a lot for shipping.

    UPDATE: ordered one of these today actually with a coupon code. snagged it for half price. I can't wait for it to come. too bad I wont get the macbook its going on till August 7th. Im excited nonetheless
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    what is today but yesterday's tommorrow?

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    Has anyone ever painted the inside of a clear seethru Speck case to make it more unique and useful?

    I've got ideas, I'm creative, but talented? Not so much. LOL.

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