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    Transfer HDD from White MacBook to new MBP
    Hi all

    I've just got a new unibody MBP with FireWire with 160gb HDD.
    I currently have a White MacBook with a 500gb which I changed myself.
    What I now want to do is transfer my 500gb HDD into my new MBP.
    I'm ok with unscrewing the laptops, but I'm worried that the new MBP will run into problems with the software.
    Do I need to insert the cd from MBP first into my white MacBook and do something to update the software?
    Also I have iphoto '08 and the new MBP comes with iphoto '09.
    I'd like to use these new features of '09 and wondered how I go about that?

    Thanks in advance!

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    So you are thinking about just swapping the drives and start up the new computer with your old drive?

    It might work ... Havent tried it though. I would have made a backup of that 500GB drive. Formatted it, and made an fresh install of Mac OS X. Then copied back all data.
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