So the other day I was doing a videocast and I got some water. I was on the way to my room when I took a sip and maybe 5 drops of water got on one speaker. That's all.
Then, I finally put it down and then wiped off what seemed to be maybe 2 drops. I'm guessing it when through the speaker holes.

I was panicking and I was trying to be "rational" and say that it is fine, it's just a miniscule amount of water. But today my battery died... Yeah, no big thing. Just plugged it in to fix that issue. Well, when I plugged it in and pressed the power button, I got an error that only said that I must restart the computer. Again, panicking, I didn't write the entire message down. I just did it. And THEN when I got back on my desktop, the error report thing came up but my network was not wanting to connect (router) and by accident, I must have X'd the window out. I don't even remember doing it but...
The point is I need to know: do you think this was a coincidence? Do you think the small amount of water that went into the speakers before I wiped it was enough to cause damage? Do you think that amount of water (if it did do damage) would show up as water damage and therefore leave me with a dying computer and a void warrantee? I know (like I said) it was running hot, so there is no way the water lasted inside of it for anymore like 4 seconds.

I'm new to Macs. New to having my own laptop at all. So forgive the stupidity (I am eighteen as well -_-). I know there are a number of things I should have done that I just did not do. Please (I don't know any of you so I don't know if this is your attitude) don't yell or in otherwords rub it in my face. It's really not necessary as I did it to myself already.

Thanks =]

Edit: Apple Hardware Test resulted in everything fine. So I guess this thread can be deleted if that's it... Although I'd still like to know why it crashed... Nothing other than Firefox has crashed since I got it.