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    To whom do I submit a complaint?
    My Late 2008 MBP was having problems on the more powerful graphics card(Nvidia 9600M GT). When Using the GPU the black areas would flicker red and the whole screen would flicker. So I brought it to the West Nyack New York genius bar on Friday July 2nd. I sat there for about 45 minutes waiting for the genius to spend 5 minutes looking at my computer. He said the problem was the monitor and said they had the part in stock and could fix it in 3-5 days. I needed it for the july 4th weekend to be able to process some photos so I brought it in on Tuesday July 7th.
    After about 3 days in their possession I called them for a status update. They said they'd call back.
    I had to wait till the end of the day. Not a big deal really. They told me that it wasn't my monitor that was causing problems, it was the GPU. So they'd have to keep it for another day to swap GPUs.
    I called the day after (Saturday 7/11) and tried to just have a conversation with a genius to see if my computer was ready. They said they'd call back.
    This time they called back much later to tell me that neither solution worked and now the computer won't turn on. Now they will have to replace the WHOLE computer with a new one.
    Ok, I thought, I'll get a more modern unit. So I gave them the weekend to update me on anything and called them on Monday to find out when I could expect my computer. They said they'd call back.
    This time they didn't return my call. So to get some answers, like when can I expect my computer and why am I not in the loop, I physically went to the store to talk to the manager. Instead of listening to my problem, Sharon the Manager seemed more interested in getting me out of the store than listening to my problem.
    I asked her when my computer would arrive, she said she didn't know and that it was apparently being shipped cross country. So I asked her about maybe emailing me a shipping tracking number so I could track it. She said she'd email it to me. That was yesterday and still no contact from them. I'd really just like to have some detailed information.
    My question is, who do I go to submit a complaint. I tried but it has nothing about the genius bar or their service. Is there a regional manager? Someone gave me an email address for the regional VP of sales on the apple discussion board but it was deleted by the host before I could write it down.

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    You got the right advice from Apple Discussions when you sought assistance:-

    Apple - Support - Discussions - Who do I submit a complaint to? ...

    Why bring it here?

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    because i was hoping someone would have some sort of email address I could write a written complaint to.

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    Just to be clear, we're not affiliated with Apple in any way, shape or form. I believe the answer you received on the Apple Support Forums was correct. Also, I'd recommend that should you need to visit the Genius Bar again, make sure you schedule an appointment first. In my experience, Apple Stores are almost always buzzing, so it's best to schedule an appointment before hand to ensure prompt service.

    As I understand it, the new line of MacBooks are quite popular and demand is very high. That's likely why it's taking awhile to get a new replacement. In the end, I think you'll find a brand new replacement to be worth the aggravation you've experienced.
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