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Thread: My first mac, a MacBook Pro!

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    Jul 15, 2009
    Talking My first mac, a MacBook Pro!
    I got the 13-inch: 2.26GHz and i upgraded to 4GB Memory and a 250GB hard drive. I'm so excited but since I upgraded its taking forever for apple to ship out my new Mac. I'm supposed to get in on the 21st, I'm used to PC's so I'm nervous but I also have had lots of problems with them and I'm excited to try something new. Is there anything important I should know about making the switch from pc to mac?

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    you will be fine. I have been a pc user my whole life and i got an ibook G4 over a month ago and feel in love with it in an instant and then i just got the new MBP 13.3" with 2.26Ghz and 160GB and 2GB ram. I am going to upgrade it myself. I am hooked on mac now and i love it to death. The conversion was very easy. Good luck with it. Hope you get it soon.

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    I have been a PC user as well. I started with an iMac in October and now I have my 13.3" MBP. I am not looking through Windows again!

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    I would say watch these while you wait.

    Apple - Find Out How - Mac Basics

    There's even one about switching from a PC to a Mac.

    Apple - Find Out How - Mac Basics

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    I also bought my MBP 13 inch on monday night. I have always been a PC user. I just think the Mac product is much better. I guess we can all learn together.

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    Best thing you will have ever done!

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    oh i have a windows machine ubuntu server and my macbook but im trying to eliminate my windows machine with either an iMac or a Mac Mini (most likely the mac mini due to it being cheaper and me being broke). I will still always have my love for windows but my love for mac is growing more and more everyday.

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