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    CD Insertion Making Weird Sounds?
    I just bought a brand-new Macbook, fully equipped with Mac OS X Leopard (or whatever it's called). I have worked on Windows all my life, and this is my first Mac, and while I'm still getting my feelers for the system--is my CD drive supposed to do this?

    I recorded it taking the disk. Click here.

    I suppose I thought that my MacBook was supposed to just take CDs automatically, and I didn't have to jam them in all the way. Am I delusional? Does MacBook Pro only have the self-grab ability? Every CD I've put into my MacBook's drive does this. It sounds scary, but it seems to work perfect.


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    It does make a sound and you have to place it in almost all the way for it to grab.
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    That is the sound of a properly functioning slot load drive on your Mac.
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    Mine does this too, wondering if it's normal. Yes then?

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    I'm pretty new to mac's, but when I got mine a few weeks back one of the Software Updates was a firmware update for the drive, to make it a little bit quieter.

    But Yes it does sound loud and broken when you put cd's in, and it does feel like you need to push them in a bit too far. Small trade-off for such a beautifully crafted slotdrive.

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    Completely normal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrimsonRequiem View Post
    Completely normal.
    Yes, but it still makes me laugh every time! Sounds like Minny Mouse got her tail caught in the mechanism.
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    Back to my old 2.2GHz C2D MB after selling my MBP and wondering what my next Mac will be :)
    I actually like that sound..... I think it's real space age. When my Mac's running a bit hot and the fans get cranking, I like to put in a disc then, and listen to the take off sounds combined

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