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Thread: Which 24"monitor

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    Which 24"monitor
    I have a white macbook (2.2Ghz & 4GB RAM) which I want to buy a widescreen 24"monitor for. i will mainly use it for web surfing, photo and video editing.

    Anyone have any experiences or recommendations?

    I want something that looks well and gives good colour.

    I had a dell 24" before and it broke in 18 mths so I don't think I will be going back there again

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    My last two monitors were by Samsung, one of which I'm still using as I'm typing this to you. They're not expensive and seem to work well, at least they have for me. Probably the best way to buy a monitor is to actually go into a store which sells them and look them over. I almost never purchase something like a monitor from a web store even though it may be a bit less costly.


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