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    No Sound & A Red Light
    hello fellow mac-users,
    i'm hoping someone can help me out here. i am unable to hear anything through the internal speakers of my powerbook G4, unless i have earphones or external speakers plugged in. since the moment i became aware of this problem, i also noticed that there is now a red light shining from within the headphones jack.
    has anyone else had this problem or have any insight as to what this may be and how i may resolve the issue?
    my machine is applecare protected...
    thanks all!

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    This might sound obvious, but did you try the volume control buttons on your F keys?

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    Hate to be bearer of bad news, but you're either going to need a new logic board or just live with it because the microswitch in the jack is stuck on 'external'. I had this happen to my old Macbook and sure enough it needed a logic board. $1250 which was fortunately covered by Apple Care.

    There is a trick you can try though, if you can get something in there tiny to flip the switch you might be able to fix it. Or rapidly plug-in unplug a jack might free the switch. If not, oh well.

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