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Thread: Battery health

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    Battery health
    I wanted to check in to see how reliable iStat Pro is. I have had my MBP for just over a week and it reports the battery health to be 98%. I only have 7 cycles on the battery, and I use it on battery most of the time. I pretty much fully drain the battery before I plug it in and it is usually under 10% before it sees the power plug.

    Is this normal? I know 2 percent is not much, but 7 cycles is really nothing either. I guess I just expected it to stay on 100% for a bit longer.

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    in the same boat
    i'm experiencing the same thing, i'm using iStat Pro.
    i have had 9 cycles, and my battery is already at 98%, had my macbook since the 8th. so that's one week. it's a brand new mbp 13 inch.
    so i don't know what's going on, but my bro and my friend have macbooks, and they have had it for two years each, and they're both at 99 and 100 percent with over 300 charges.
    what's the dealio?

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    u can read up on looking after the battery here - Apple - MacBook Pro - Learn all about the breakthrough battery

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    This will help you keep the battery performing as best as possible for as long as possible. calibrating battery

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    I think this may be a little more reliable than iStat: coconutBattery 2.6.5 software download - Mac OS X - VersionTracker

    It will also tell you additional information that iStat won't. And is this normal, I've had my MacBook since last June, and it's battery has declined 11%. There have been two times were I accidentally let it deplete fully.

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    I use coconutBattery and I love it.

    Also, I talked to Apple today about battery issues (I'm going through them), they said allow your battery to wear in for about a month after you buy your computer. It can take some time to fully wear the individual cells in. Your experience is common I think. Especially in the new MBP's.

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