I have a 17" Powerbook G4.

As I'm sure all of you know, when you close the screen, two latches fold down due to the magnets, and latch onto a "holder" on the bottom case. The small tab that the left latch "holds onto" broke. It's a very tiny piece of metal. Now, since the left side can't latch, the powerbook will easily come out of sleep mode... very annoying.

I've removed the cover/keyboard from the bottom half of the powerbook, and I've gained access to the latch holder and can see the small area where the small left latch broke off, and I do have the small piece that broke of too.

I've tried to reattach the small piece so that the powerbook would stay closed, and it wouldn't come out of sleep. My first attempt was with a small amount of JB Weld, but as I thought, it wasn't capable of enough resistance and thus broke off again. My next attempt will be to place a small amount of solder to fashion a makeshift latch holder. My concern is the dissipation of heat to important parts of the laptop, and I cannot find how to remove the "latch holder" from the bottom case of the powerbook. Can anyone tell me how too, or show me if there is a manual, to remove this piece so that I may solder it. Also, does anyone know the specific name the "latch holder." Thanks for all your help!