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    Need advice on buying
    Hey guys!

    I am almost totally new to the "Mac World", I say "almost" cause it was just today that I got to play with a MacBook Air for like one hour and I certainly LOVED it.

    Recently I realized that the time has come for me to buy myself a new laptop. But here... I really need your help, cause I have a few questions.

    As I'm going to Singapore next week in holiday I was thinking of buying a MacBook Pro from over there, as it is cheaper than Europe. Should I be aware of any taxes?

    Then I plan having a linux distribution, like openSuse on an external hard drive - can Mac laptops boot from USB? Did anyone try anything similar to this? Cause I might be a bit worried about the speed.

    Well now the most important issue: As I said upper I'm going to Singapore next week so that means that if I'm going to buy a mac book pro I am going to buy it next week. I checked apple's site and they say that the new OS: Mac OS X Snow Leopard is coming out in September. Is it worthy to wait till September or is the upgrade easy? Do you have to format everything in order to upgrade your system, or if you do not, do you experience errors and crashes with your new system? And then - will there be a new Mac Book Pro family when Snow Leopard gets out so my mac would be, in less than 3 months, the ex-generation?

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    Can't comment on your tax or an out of country fees.

    If you wait until September then you get Snow Leopard for free basically because all the Macs then will be preinstalled with Snow Leopard.

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    Thanks CrimsonRequiem!
    Can you tell me if besides the 30$ fee there's any other thing to worry about? I mean when the snow leopard launches will iLife be updated? Will there be a new line of mac book pros? And will upgrading my system to snow leopard mean I'll have to format my drives?

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    You can find out all about Snow Leopard here:

    Apple - Mac OS X Snow Leopard - The world’s most advanced OS

    All Macs running Leopard should be able to handle it, in fact it will take up less space on the hard drive than Leopard does.

    Not really any big new apps, but a lot of re-jigging and tweaking. From Wikipedia:

    The update to Mac OS X will focus on improving performance, efficiency and reducing its overall memory footprint, rather than new end-user features.

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