Hi everyone,
I've upgraded to a nice shiny Macbook pro, having spent a wonderful hassle-free year with my previous Macbook. Hubby took the old one (running latest Leopard Mac X) and I treated myself. We are all wireless in our house, 3 laptops running from an Orange Livebox.
Until recently. The new Macbook Pro keeps getting the error message "wireless netowrk appears to be compromised and will be shut down for a minute". Then all my family laptops are cut off.
I've read online & on this website that Apple have steadfastly been ignoring this very irritating problem, apparently to do with security on the router. I've contacted Apple Customer Support - they say it's not the operating system. My query is - if you have 2 Macbooks, why does the error only happen with ONE? I'm still in the middle of a customer services investigation into the problem - does anyone else still have problems in this direction? Any comments / help / other folk with similar hassles please get in touch - Apple need to sort this out!!