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    trackpad right button problem...please help!
    hey, i'm new to mac and not too computer literate. got a macbook 4,1 and so far i love it but i'm having a trackpad issue. the right button seems to function as a left button. right clicking on a desktop icon with the trackpad highlights the icon, and double clicking opens the application. right clicking an icon does not open an options menu. i regularly use the "software update" function, and my suspicion is that this problem occured as a direct result. i have a mouse hooked up to a usb hub and the pointer and both buttons function correctly with the mouse, just not the trackpad. and the left button still works. any help is much appreciated...thanks.

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    You have to enable the "secondary click" in preferences before you can do a right click with your trackpad.

    Open System Preferences, via the Dock or the Apple menu, and go to Trackpad

    If your trackpad is the new glass multi-touch one:
    - - you can enable "Secondary Click" and choose if the bottom right or left corner of your trackpad will bring up the action menu

    - - you can enable "Secondary Tap" which will allow you to to bring up the action menu by tapping the trackpad with two fingers.

    If your trackpad is one with a large front button on it:
    - - Check off "Tap trackpad using two fingers for secondary click"

    And of course you can always call up the action menu by ctrl-clicking.

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