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    windows based only software on pwr bk
    With a new position becoming available I'll need a new notebook.. 1st choice is the 15in pwrbk. but the software is written for windows specifically....It's very specialized software linking remote controll cameras and recording video and data, I much prefere mac over pc but...I'm in a pinch. a little help ? Thank you

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    You can try Virtual PC for your mac but I don't know how well it works, I am sure a few more knowledgeable people will be along shortly...

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    Windows only software may well force you to use a PC on the job. YOu might wanna get a Mac for yourself and have work provide the PC. Virtual PC (Windows) needs a powerhouse Mac to run, a dual G5 PowerMac is my personal suggestion

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    Sounds like you might be SOL. If you're talking about getting a notebook you might be stuck w/ PC. From what I know, Virtual PC probably wouldn't be able to handle software like that unless it was on a pwerhouse mac like a dual G5. As far as PC notebooks go, look into getting an upgraded screen like HP/Compaq's brightview or Dell's truelife. Those screen look unbelievable. Only downside is they put of a lot of reflected light.

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